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I have varying levels of experience with the technologies listed below. I have indicated the number of years I have been using each one, but the short version is that can I do a lot if I have access to reference books (I love reading technical manuals!), Stack Overflow, and my new coding partner Chat-GPT.🤠

I do not currently have any certifications in these technologies. I use them to the extent that a project requires.

I have read widely on the subject of cybersecurity, and I do my utmost to implement its best practices. The intersection of digital scholarship and data security is one that would be interesting to study from an academic point of view.

Programming Languages

  1. Python (7 years)
  2. PHP (14 years)
  3. JavaScript (3 years)
  4. Bash (6 years)

Server Administration

I have 10 years of experience in Linux server administration (Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL). I have also worked on a server that runs on FreeBSD. I don't include that with the Linux distros because, well, that should be obvious to afficionados of FreeBSD.

Markup Languages

  1. XML (with XQuery, XPath, and XSLT—10 years)
  2. HTML (24 years)
  3. LaTeX (3 years)

Front-end Design

  1. CSS (18 years)
  2. SASS (3 years)
  3. Nunjucks, Twig, and Liquid templating languages (4 years)


  1. MySQL/MariaDB (13 years)
  2. RDF (11 years)
  3. (Is it fair to include XML here, too?🤠)

Content Management Systems

  1. Drupal 6, 7, 8, 9 (14 years)
  2. ExpressionEngine (1 year)
  3. WordPress (2 years)
  4. Omeka (1 year)
  5. Django (4 years)
  6. Jekyll (1 year)
  7. Eleventy (1 year: this site is my first experience with it)

DH Tools and Methodologies

  1. Protégé
  2. Natural Language Processing (primarily with the Classical Languages Toolkit)
  3. TEI XML

Photo by Artturi Jalli on Unsplash