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I launched this site as a space where I could write about my adventures with technology, text and data analysis, and digital philology. I post about technical issues and problems that I run into while building, using, and maintaining various digital resources, mostly to keep a record for myself of how I solved them. If that information helps someone else, all the better!

About Me

As an introvert, I generally prefer not to talk about myself, but since this is my personal web site, I really ought to provide some information. I was born and raised in Charlottesville, VA. For much of my youth, I thought that I would be a professional musician, but that changed when I took Latin in high school …

More about me

Digital Humanities

In many ways, my career in this area of study—I'll refer to it as "DH", though it goes by a variety of names—began in the late 1990's when I taught myself how to make web pages with HTML. At the time, I was also supplementing my income as a graduate student in Classics by fixing computers for faculty members and other students. That, too, helped to develop my interest in technology.

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